How can I limit number of reviews for a profile?

You can limit number of reviews that are scraped from a profile by using the from_date and blocks parameters.


You can get the X latest reviews from a review profile by using the blocks parameter. For example, if blocks is 40 and the review profile has 100 reviews, you will only get the latest 40 reviews - the others will be ignored. Note that blocks must be a natural number (positive integer, greater than zero) and multiple of 10.


You can use from_date parameter to get all latest reviews from a specific date. The from_date must be a valid date in yyyy-mm-dd format. Please note that query parameter and `place_id` parameter (for Google profiles) does not support the from_date option.

Note: When the from_date and blocks parameters are used together, we'll pick up late latest x reviews (based on the blocks parameter) from the from_date. In other words, we are not starting from the from_date and getting x reviews from there.

Please see our API documentation for further details.
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