What is the Review Insights API?

We all know that reviews contain a vast amount of information, yet most analysis that is done is currently based on the average star rating of reviews. The Review Insights API goes a step further to analyze the actual contents of a review, to help understand how a business is performing across different business areas based on natural language processing and machine learning.

To illustrate the value, consider this 5-star review from Cindy:

This hotel is fantastic, we loved our stay! The front desk was a bit rude during check-in but we brushed it off as we were on holiday.

Though this review is 5-star, there is some value in understanding what this customer is saying about the hotel staff, and this is exactly what the Review Insights API is useful for. This is what happens when you submit this review to the API:

  1. The review is broken down into sentences, so in the case above we will have 2 sentences
  2. Each sentence is passed through a sentiment analysis model specific to the industry to determine whether it is positive, negative or neutral
  3. Each sentence is also passed through a classification model which determines whether the sentence is talking about price, staff, beds etc.
  4. We return a response payload containing each individual sentence, its sentiment score and classification

You can ultimately use this data to understand how your business is performing, how your competitors are performing and drive business improvement by understanding your customer feedback more intimately.

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