Job groups (Review Scraper API)

Many of our users have a set list of profiles that you want to track reviews for, and you're looping through those profiles every day to get the latest reviews. This is fine with a few profiles, but once you reach the thousands this becomes inefficient.

While we have an endpoint to submit review profiles in bulk, we also have job groups which help you manage profiles as one. Consider that you want to track all reviews for Slack for example - you create a job group called "Slack", and add their profiles via API or our dashboard:

You now have all these profiles nicely sorted in one place, can resync them with API one call (or click):

One benefit of resyncing a profile in a job group (or the entire job group) is that we automatically apply our "diff" parameter to new jobs, meaning that you only get the latest reviews for each given profile. You are also only ever billed for the latest reviews.

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