Pricing (Review Index API)

The Review Index API is priced based on credits, which are consumed when you call the API. These variables go into calculating the number of credits required for your use case:

  1. Number of API calls
  2. Number of review profiles returned

Credits are consumed for each API call based on the number of review profiles that we return, with 1 credit being charged per review profile.

See these examples for reference:

  • Query returns 3 review profiles: 3 credits are deducted
  • Query returns 15 review profiles: 15 credits are deducted
  • Query returns 102 review profiles: 102 credits are deducted

Besides the amount of credits needed, these factors also influence your pricing:

  1. Concurrency: this dictates the speed at which your requests are processed
  2. History of online review data: the ability to fetch historical review data
  3. Multi-location discovery: automatically source business locations from just a company name / domain name, without addresses (learn more)
  4. Support / SLA level: we can tailor a custom plan for you

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our pricing.

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