Best practices (Review Index API)

Below are some best practices for you to get started:
  • Our system works with a callback methodology, which means that you make a GET request and then our server does a POST request back to you with the response
  • The callback is paginated so if you receive pagination details in the response payload, you should execute another GET with the next page to receive it
  • You can learn more in our API docs here:

Local business

When it comes to local businesses, there are two main ways of querying:

1. Submitting a business with address parameters: this is useful if you want to get profiles for just that one location
Example request:
curl --location --request GET ''
2. Submitting a business name/domain name: this is useful if you want to get profiles for all locations for a business, and is available upon request
This example request automatically finds their 55 locations and associated review profiles: 
curl --location --request GET ''

Software business

We recommend using the name and domain name for software businesses, for example:

  • Name: Xero
  • Domain:

To get profiles:

curl --location --request GET ''
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