Sharing and exporting data from the Hub

The Hub lets you consolidate requests from different APIs into a single job. After processing your review data, you can also use the Hub to export or share the collected review data via the following integrations:

  1. CSV

    This integration enables you to export your collected review data in a CSV format once the review collection is complete. This option is currently available for a job scheduled for a one-time collection. For scheduled jobs or those set up for recurring review collection, the data collection will continue until you cancel it, but CSV exports will not be available.

  1. Talkwalker SI

    This integration facilitates Topic Analysis across sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. To use this integration, you need an active Talkwalker subscription to have an API key and a Talkwalker CFA project set up beforehand.

  1. Talkwalker CFA

    This integration streamlines Customer Feedback Analysis, including sentiments, from diverse online sources like Google. Before setting up this integration, you must have an active Talkwalker subscription to get an API key and a Talkwalker CFA project.

  1. Brandwatch

    This integration empowers comprehensive consumer, product, and brand research. To use this integration, a subscription with Brandwatch is needed to get the necessary credentials for setting up the integration.

At the moment, if an integration fails, the job status will still show as "Completed," despite the failure. The only indication of the failed integration is the absence of new data in the connected service.

Interested in expanding your integrations? Contact our Sales team at to explore additional options.

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