Best practices

During our testing and navigation of the HUB, we found some scenarios that we'd like to share as best practices to help ensure the success of your job.

  1. Correct Google URL

    Datashake Hub uses the Review Scraper API to get review data for your job. Instead of providing a place ID or query like the Review Scraper API, the Hub requires you to submit a URL. We recommend submitting Google URL jobs using a format that includes the place ID, such as\_Ggg.

  2. Clicking "Continue" to initiate the job

    To fully create a job through the Hub, you need to keep clicking "continue" until you see data collection in progress. If you don't do this, the job will stay as a draft, and no review or location data will be collected.

  3. Using the recommended CSV template

    The Hub allows you to upload multiple URLs simultaneously using the CSV option. For optimal results, we recommend using our standard CSV template. This template requires you to add the "url" as the header in the first row, while all subsequent rows will be the URLs. We filter out any invalid entries when processing requests using a CSV list, which is why using a different template may result in some instances where your CSV is processed but no results are returned.

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