Introduction to Datashake Hub

In the online world, understanding customer sentiment is crucial for businesses to succeed. At Datashake, we recognize the importance of reviews in shaping brand perception and driving informed decisions. We offer a collection of APIs - a comprehensive toolkit designed to revolutionize review management across over 130 platforms.

Additionally, we have introduced the Hub, our latest innovation that simplifies review management. Built on our powerful APIs, the Hub offers a user-friendly, no-code interface, allowing users to easily collect, integrate, and continuously refresh review insights. The Hub can be used for both profile or location discovery and review collection.

The Hub consists of jobs that enable you to tailor data collection and frequencies and integrate where you want the reviews to be fed into. We aim to simplify review management for businesses of all sizes, ensuring actionable insights are always accessible.

Note: The Hub is currently in beta, indicating it is still in its initial release phase.

Feel free to reach out to to learn more.

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