An overview of how Hub works

What is a job?

Data collection through the Hub operates seamlessly through "job" that combines requests from the Review Index, Review Scraper, and Scheduling APIs. The integrated job allows seamless data collection tailored to your platform's needs. Each job will contain the data you want to collect, the frequency of collection, and your preferred platform integration.

What are the Hub requirements?

A subscription to the Review Scraper API is needed to use the Hub for review collection and the Review Index API for profile or location discovery.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, the Hub works through these steps:

  1. Login to your dashboard - access the Hub through

  1. Select your data type - specify the type of data you'd like to collect such as "Reviews."

    Currently, we only support the Review data type. More data types will be supported soon.

  1. Select your job type - you can create either a location or URL job using the Hub
    1. Location - search for profiles either by providing a defined list of locations or specifying a geographical region.
    2. URL - upload up to 10 URLs or use the CSV import to collect reviews.

  1. Provide your search criteria - enter your search criteria depending on the selected job type
    1. Location - enter the job name, sites to collect reviews from, and location details.

    2. URL - enter the job name, frequency, and how far back in time you want to collect the review data and URLs where the review data will be collected.

  2. Data fetching - wait for the system to collect your data. Two things can happen during this phase:
    1. Profile discovery - when you use the Location job type, the Hub will gather profiles that match your search criteria.

    2. Review collection - when you use the URL job type, the Hub will collect the review data from your specified URLs.

  1. Export your data - set up your integration and export the collected data to your preferred platform.

  1. Receive automatic updates - you will automatically receive review updates for a recurring job on the export option you have selected.

We will explore each step in more detail in another section of the Help Centre.

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