Validating your profile search

After setting up your job and starting the profile search, you can view it on the Hub's homepage, where it will be listed with your other job and its status. You can access this at:

You'll know that the profile selection is finished when your job's status changes to an exclamation icon (!) and a "Go to Refine Search Page" button appears. In this document, we will outline the steps in improving your search once this message appears.

  1. To start the profile validation, click the "Go to Refine Search Page" button.

  2. Set up the frequency of refreshing the reviews. You can opt for a one-time review collection or schedule the updates to capture the new reviews regularly such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

  3. Select how far back in time do you want to go to collect the reviews. The system automatically collects all historical reviews from the past 3 months as default.

  4. Select the profiles you want to collect the reviews from or select "All" if desired.

  5. Click "Continue" after selecting your desired profiles and the frequency of refreshing the review data. Reminder, a subscription to the Review Scraper API is needed for review collection.

    Please keep in mind that your credits will be consumed when collecting historical and ongoing reviews. Always make sure that you have enough credits when you trigger the review collection to prevent the job from failing.

  6. Select how you would like to export your review data. Click the "+ Add export option" to choose from the available integrations or export options and enter the necessary details to connect to your preferred integration.


    • Always double-check your integration details when using export options other than CSV to prevent errors. Typographical errors on the integration credentials can cause the job to fail.

    If no export option is selected, the job will be placed in "Draft" status and will remain inactive until an integration is added.

    You can also contact our sales team at if you wish to add more integration.

    This is the list of the available export options

  7. Once your integration has been set up, click "Continue" to proceed.

  8. A pop-up to remind you about the credit consumption will be displayed. Click "Go Back" to modify your search and integration or "Continue" to proceed. Always make sure you have sufficient credits to prevent jobs from failing.

    This completes the setup process. Click "Back to hub" to return to the Hub's homepage where you will see the list of jobs and their status.

  9. Once the review collection is finished, the job status will change to "Completed" and you'll be able to see the review data in your selected integration.

    1. For CSV, you can click on the CSV icon under the "Integrated with" column to download the CSV file.

      Click the CSV icon to open the completed job
      Click the Download CSV file button to download the review data via CSV


• The initial review collection during job creation can take up to 24 hours.

• If your job is scheduled, new data will be collected and added to your integration at the frequency you've set.

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